Ahh Canada eh – From sea to shining see our country is Great. As we’re more than 150 years old, there’s lots of thing to cherish. As a home owner in the GTA there are various things you must look out for when decorating your new or old windows. Installing custom made window shutters is no easy task – manufacturing them to custom specifications is an even greater task. Fortunately for you we’ve got those parts covered. Now the only thing remaining in the race to find Canada’s Best custom window shutter for your home is actually finding the shutter. But before you can find the right custom window shutter for your home, you must ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What’s My Window Shutter Budget?

  2. What’s My window shutter style?

  3. How long do I want my Custom Window shutters to last?

  4. What Material Are these Interior Shutters Made from? (ie. Wood or Vinyl Shutters)

  5. Who Is the Window Shutter Manufacturer?

  6. What Is Covered under the Limited Lifetime Shutter Warranty I’m being offered?

  7. Can I Get Better window shutters for cheaper elsewhere?


You may have asked yourself variations to these questions when you’ve consider purchasing Canada Custom Shutters. Even so here are some tips that will allow you to make the best custom window shutter purchase that your windows and guests will love!


Here are 4 helpful tips for finding Canada’s Best Interior Custom Window Shutter.

  1. Not all window shutters are the same.

    Window Shutters Can Be made from a large spectrum of materials. From hardwoods to softwoods, vinyl to composite and polytech materials, the variety of window shutter types can keep you shopping for months. For example, the cheapest interior vinyl window shutters in the GTA will cost you between $14 per sq.ft and $19 per sq.ft while the most expensive California or plantation wood shutters range from $30-$40 per sq.ft. A Divine Design gives 8 reasons why not to buy cheap Plantation shutters, and we agree with all of them.

  2. You’ll buy more cheap vinyl shutters than quality wooden window shutters

    Why? Cheap shutters are a dime a dozen. A client of ours once bought VinylTech shutters. Although he did pay $7000 to furnish his 500 sq.ft of windows with ‘china grade’ vinyl shutters, after the install he wasn’t pleased. Why? Because, what was cheap looked cheap. So much so that he demanded they be taken down after the installer completed his tasks. A few days later he came to us to ‘fix his mess’ and furnish his windows with a quality custom interior wooden window shutter. Here’s a cost breakdown of custom Canada shutters in Toronto.

  3. Wooden Window Shutters Are Better than Vinyl Shutters.

    Well at least high-quality interior window shutters (made to Hunter Douglas’ standard) are better than Vinyl window shutters. Question to prove my point. Would you ever put a vinyl dining table in your dining room? Of course not!  WHY? BECAUSE IT LOOKS CHEAP! It doesn’t matter if you paid as much for that vinyl dining set as you would a nice custom-made wooden dining table.  All vinyl and plastic shutters look cheap because, because plastic looks cheap. Shutter Boys wrote more in-depth article that compares wood vs vinyl shutters and which one you should go with!

  4. Custom California Shutters add Value to your Home!

    Good thing for you We specialists in customizing Canada’s Best California Shutters in Toronto. A home appraiser once told us that he considers custom made California wood shutters a premium home upgrade. So, depending on your window footage that gets added to the value of your home when you sell it. It’s kind of like adding ‘high quality’ openable granite counter tops to your windows.



If you’re in the market for interior window shutters, you should remember these simple buying tips to choose the shutter of your dreams. Cheap Shutters are never the best option for your home. If you do have a budget, break the project up into two phases. Finally, High quality interior wooden shutters outlast the highest quality vinyl shutters on the market. These window shutters will give you the highest return on your investment.

Are there more buying tips when considering to purchase Custom Canadian Window Shutters?