When it comes to buying shutters, the two types of materials that stand out are wooden and vinyl shutters. There is some debate regarding which type is better. You may be wondering which type you should get. After analysing the pros and cons of both, you can make this decision for yourself. 


The strength of your shutters is an important factor. This is because they are placed between the outside and inside of your home. Harsh weather and precipitation can have their effects minimised if a shutter is installed to protect your home’s interior. In Canada, harsh weather is essentially a year long hardship. This is why the strength of your shutter is such an important factor. While both wooden and vinyl shutters get the job done in this regard, wooden shutters are slightly stronger. If you plan on purchasing a shutter for a larger window, wooden shutters are the right decision as a result of their strength. However, vinyl shutters are the better decision for smaller windows.

Water resistance

If you plan on installing your shutters in your kitchen or bathroom, vinyl shutters may be the way to go since they’re more water resistant than wooden shutters. This also means that it is easier to clean stains off of vinyl shutters. Wooden shutters require wood friendly cleaning products. Vinyl shutters are a lot more flexible when it comes to cleaning products. Since your shutters are more likely to stain in a room such as a kitchen, the water resistance of vinyl shutters can serve as a major convenience in this regard.


Both wood and vinyl get their primary job done, which is to prevent too much sunlight from entering your home. They can both distribute the right amount of external sunlight evenly, as opposed to curtains. Both shutters can look aesthetically pleasing in any room they’re installed in. Both shutters can cool the room they’re installed in during the summer months, by repelling the external sunlight. They both serve as a more ideal option when compared to both curtains and blinds. Both wooden and vinyl shutters win this round

To sum it all up, the material you plan on using for your shutter depends on where you plan on installing it. If you’d like to chat with a few of our representatives, be sure to contact the California Shutters Toronto team today – we’re more than happy to help!