There is a high chance that you have at least one window in your home that’s being covered by some blinds. While many people seem to choose blinds over shutters due to their low price, what if we were to tell you that shutters are a better bargain both financially, and in performance. Here are 3 reasons as to why shutters are a better option for you.

Shutters Are Easier to Maintain

The main reason why many consumers find themselves being more attracted to blinds as opposed to shutters is because of their lower prices. While this is generally true on the surface of purchase, shutters are much easier to maintain. The solid surface makes it easier for cleaning, and the firm structure allows them to last much longer. Shutters are a financially superior purchase, since the constant replacement of your blinds will rack up in price.

Shutters are Excellent Insulators

When comparing both shutters and blinds, it is important to consider the functional purpose of both products. Both shutters and blinds are made to serve the purpose of shade, privacy and insulation from the sun. While both these products serve the first 2 functions, shutters are drastically superior in terms of insulation. While shutters are amazing insulators against UV rays from the Sun, blinds are more likely to deteriorate over time. This ability is perfect for keeping your home cool during the summer heat. It is all the more reason to choose shutters over blinds.

Shutters Are Attractive And Go With Every Home Style

While it is important for both shutters and blinds to serve their purpose, it’s also important that they blend in with the room they are installed in. Shutters are a great addition to your home in both aesthetics and reliability. Shutters are the exact size of the window they are installed in, so nothing ends up looking out of place. Blinds on the other hand are interchangeable with the window they are installed on, so the difference dimension may look slightly off putting.

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