Even if your shutters serve their main purpose of preventing UV rays and harsh light from entering your home, another important aspect is the way they look. After all, if your shutters aren’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye, how are you supposed to feel satisfied with your purchase? Shutters are often painted and primed to fit the desire of the customer. Here are 3 colours you can choose from, and some tips on where to install them

White Shutters

If you’re planning on installing shutters in your kitchen or bathroom, white coloured shutters might be the way to go. This is because these two rooms are often covered in white appliances and paint. Adding a darker coloured shutter in your bathroom for example, may have it stick out like a sore thumb. Another tip is to make sure your white shutters are installed inside the house. If they’re installed on the outside, there’s a good chance they’ll show dirt as a result of their lighter colour. All in all, if you decide to purchase white shutters, installing them in the areas stated will be the right decision.

Black Shutters

Darker shutters complement rough textures such as bricks and stone. If you plan on installing black shutters, the outside of your house is the right place to put them. While the placement of darker shutters with lighter walls may seem off putting inside your house, the contrast will certainly look much better on the outside. Black shutters especially look good with grey and tan coloured bricks.

Brown Shutters

Lastly, we have brown shutters. This colour can look very good if you’re going for a natural look. This colour compliments lighter shades of brown, as well as white and tan. Brown shutters can look very fitting in cabins, cottages, or any settings that partially feature wooden interiors. Brown wooden shutters can especially look good when they’re being complimented by the same material in other areas of the house: cabinets, doors, flooring etc.)

As long as you follow these tips, you’re sure to choose the right colour when going about which shutter to get. If you’d like to chat with a few of our representatives, be sure to contact the California Shutters Toronto team today – we’re more than happy to help!