Are you contemplating your purchase of getting some shutters for your home? Most consumers are held back due to the multiple uncertainties they may have when it comes to the purchase, installation and effectiveness of shutters. Here are 3 common questions about shutters answered, to ensure a satisfying purchase.

What is the difference between shutters and blinds?

On the surface, shutters and blinds seem interchangeable with one another. However after further examination, it’s clear that there are some drastic differences between the two. Shutters have a completely different structure when compared to blinds. They can be sturdy and long lasting additions to your home. Shutters are also fixed on all sides of the window, when compared to the one side that blinds are fixed on to. The increased support to blinds is clear in their performance, as they don’t move and make noise after coming into contact with wind from outside. They are highly recommended for long term investment.  

Do my windows need to be a certain size for the installation process?

A common misconception about the installation of shutters is in relation to the versatility of their use. While blinds and curtains are mostly installed by the customer, shutters have the advantage of being installed by licensed team members. This means that customer’s windows are taken completely into account before the installation process can begin. The shape and size of the shutter is based on the measurements of the window it’s covering. This means that no matter how unique your window’s dimensions are, you are sure to find a precise shutter to take care of it.

Will shutters make my room permanently darker than it needs to be?

Many people have the impression that the installation of shutters results in everlasting darkness in the room that they are installed in, regardless of whether or not they are opened. This cannot be further from the truth. Shutters have the ability to turn up to 180 degrees, meaning that a lot of natural sunlight can enter your home, depending on how you adjust the slats.

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