Unlike both blinds and curtains, shutter maintenance is both simple and cost-effective. Here are 3 quick tips that can help you maintain your shutters.

Use Applicable Cleaning Products

It’s important to remember that shutters can be produced using many different materials. These include vinyl, as well as many different forms of wood. This is why it’s extremely important to double check the cleaning material before performing a deep wash of the shutters. If the cleaning solution isn’t compatible with the shutter material, you can risk damaging your product. Wooden shutters can lose their colour depending on how long they’re being soaked, as well as if the detergent being used is incompatible. Dusting your shutters is always the safest bet

Dust regularly

Shutters require very little for maintenance. Dusting your shutters regularly is more than enough for keeping them clean. Since shutters are often installed against customer’s windows, excess dust from the outside is likely to settle on the slats. Each slat can be thoroughly dusted using a cloth, or any piece of clean fabric. You must start at the top and work your way down for a successful result. It is also possible to use a vacuum if desired.

Hinge Maintenance

While this method is optional, cleaning the hinges of your shutters once every few months is ideal for those who live in dusty and polluted environments. There is a chance that the hinges may not work as smoothly if they are trapped in an excess amount of dust. If the hinges start to make squeaky noises, or show signs of rust, adding oil to the hinges is a great way to fix this.

As long as you follow these steps, you’re sure to find success when going about maintaining your shutters. If you’d like to chat with a few of our representatives, be sure to contact the California Shutters Toronto team today – we’re more than happy to help!