California Shutters Price

What is the price of California Shutters?

Commonly the price that you are given reflects the quality of the product that you are being provided.

We can give you a high-quality product at a price lower than products of similar quality. Our friends at Shutter boys have recently broken down the cost of California shutters. Many of our competitors give low prices and excellent service. HOWEVER, the product that they’re giving you may be of low quality. As that article tells us, low quality California shutters usually are priced between the $14 per sq.ft and $20 /sq.ft range. Higher quality products are priced between $20 – $28 per sq.ft. The highest quality products range from $28 – $40+ per sq.ft .

The Other Guys Low Quality Shutters


Per Sq.ft
  • Low Quality Wood or Plastic
  • Low Quality Shutter Paint
  • Inexperience Will Give You Headaches

Hunter Douglas California Shutters


Per Sq.Ft
  • High Quality Premium Canadian Poplar
  • Best Chemcraft UV Resistant Wood Finish & Seal
  • Professional Installation & Customer Service

Where do we stand?

Our prices are usually given in the mid-range due to the quality of the product and service being received. But our prices do very with each job.

Cheap California Shutters Not the Best Option.

Cheap California Shutters cause huge headaches for the manufacturers and purchasers. Most cheap vinyl shutters only come with a limited 5-year warranty, and we say limited because cheap vinyl is the most prone to warping and discoloration. Bottom line don’t go cheap with your California shutters. If you were see this article that breaks down the cost of California shutters.

What’s so special about Our California Shutters?

Our California Shutter is called the M3 designer Louver. Originally fashioned in the basement of a small shop in Richmond Hill, this has been one of the most sought after California shutter styles in southern Ontario. Why is it so sought after? Because it is the only branded shutter available in Canada that has a beveled front face. Flat was so yesterday. Curvy is in. Our shutter is the curviest of them all. Available in partially beveled and fully beveled styles, we definitely have the correct option for your home and windows.


Our California Shutters

Our Competitors

All our California shutters are made with Premium Canadian PoplarMade with Cheap Wood Composites & Vinyl
Covered with the highest quality UV resistant paint. All our shutters are primed a maximum of three times.Covered with low quality, sometimes water based, primer and paint combinations.
Unlimited Lifetime WarrantyLimited 5-25 year warranties
Free In Home Consultation
Free installation
Here’s a list of all the window types we can cover with our California shutters.
  • Bay windows
  • French doors
  • Patio doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Custom arches

Note: Framing is required for windows without a 2” trim depth. The framing cost will be included in the price that is given to you at your in-home consultation.